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Dice-K (Temporarily?) Released; CP Available Opening Day?

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Dice-K was released. But the team wants him back. They might just be avoiding the bonus due to him. This reeks of Boras.

Strange sight. Would be even stranger if he hit this ball hard.
Strange sight. Would be even stranger if he hit this ball hard.
J. Meric
  • The desperate Yankees agreed to a deal that would get them Vernon Wells from the Angels. After barely any time at all passed, he approved the trade. Yankees will pay roughly $13M.
  • Chris Perez is likely to be ready for opening day. Don't rush things, Chris.
  • "The Rockies return LHP Danny Rosenbaum, a Rule 5 Draft pick, to Nationals." A McGuinness decision should be coming soon.
  • After getting out of his Marlins contract, Jon Garland agreed to a deal with the Rockies that will pay him $500K base and about $2M in incentives. He will be in their rotation.
  • The Padres released Freddy Garcia.
  • and the Rays released Nick Weglarz. Andrew Friedman was not willing to give his legz for wegz.
  • Speaking of the Rays, they are struggling to decide between Roberto Hernandez and Jeff Niemann. (Goofy article alert! Writer acts like every MLB team runs the same 5 guys out there all season long.)
  • Bastian:
    "Francona said players allowed to hit on 3-0 counts. During his tenure with Red Sox (04-11), Boston led AL with .526 average on 3-0 counts"
    "By comparison, during Acta's tenure ('10-12), Indians had fewest at-bats (11) and hits (1) on 3-0 counts in the American League."
  • As if the Diamondbacks offseason couldn't be any more critically maligned, Adam Eaton is out 6–8 weeks.
  • Droobs was kept out of the lineup Sunday with a sore back.