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20 Years Ago This Spring (News and Notes)

A boating accident claimed the life of Indians players Steve Olin and Tim Crews 20 years ago Friday. Plus less somber and more recent news.

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Trevor Bauer throwing yesterday
Trevor Bauer throwing yesterday
USA Today Sports

Indians boating tragedy still haunts 20 years later: It's been 20 years since Steve Olin and Tim Crews died and Bobby Ojeda was injured in a boating accident in Florida during spring training. USA Today feature

Familes of Tim Crews, Steve Olin persevere 20 years after tragic deaths | News: Castrovince feature.

Brantley's three hits pace Indians against Halos | News: Right-hander Trevor Bauer faced the minimum number of hitters in the first two frames before running into trouble, while Michael Brantley went 3-for-3 in the Indians' 6-5 loss to the Angels on Wednesday.

'Neuromuscular programming' slowing down Trevor Bauer: Cleveland Indians Insider | Trevor Bauer has spent spring training making changes in his "neuromuscular programming" and it's probably cost him a job in the opening day rotation.

Spring Breaks: Indians’ Michael Bourn chats about music, steak and fatherhood | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports: Yahoo blog asks Michael Bourn some questions and then prints his answers.

Cleveland Indians outfielder Michael Bourn likes Indiana, Ohio State to play for title in NCAA Tournament 2013: Celebrity Bracketology Challenge | Michael Bourn has Ohio State advancing to the national title game and finishing as a runner-up to No. 1 Indiana in his bracket for the seventh annual Celebrity Bracketology Challenge.

Indians make things fresh, new at Progressive Field | News: Detailing some of the offseason changes at the ballpark.

Pirates Acquire Infielder John McDonald From Arizona " CBS Pittsburgh: LGFT McDonald gets a new home.

Airport best sellers: 'Terrible Towels,' 'Sleepless' t-shirts: Bottled water, diet Coke and neck pillows are winners at airports. But so are items tied to local culture, including Bertman's Ball Park Mustard.

And finally, with a hat tip to user roar888: Cleveland Indians 2013 team casts themselves in Major League.