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Weekend News and Open Thread (Feb. 9 and 10)

Felix, Tim Lincecum, Scott Boras' big plans, and an announcement about Indians TV and radio broadcasts in 2013.

Jared Wickerham

UPDATE: The Indians have signed Daisuke Matsuzaka. More details and thoughts on the move can be found here.

Fangraphs' boss Dave Cameron (a Mariners fan) discusses the Hernandez deal and gets into the concept of what he calls "frictional costs." These are expenses like the closing fees when you buy a home, a Realtor's cut when you sell a home, etc. Cameron writes about how this concept applies to signing/extending star players and deciding whether or not to go into a rebuilding mode. It's an interesting read for anyone who cares much about how teams are/should be put together and maintained, but perhaps especially for Tribe fans, because he uses the Indians' last 15 years or so as his example. My own take on Felix is here (including reflections on the Indians' homegrown stars of the last twenty years).

Rosenthal reports The Mariners decided extending Felix wasn't enough and have also signed Joe Saunders to a 1-year deal for $6.5M with another $1M in incentives and a mutual option for 2014. The Mariners are still likely headed for sub-.500 finish (but NOT last place, thanks to the Astros!), but it seems like a pretty decent signing.

From Fox Sports: Scott Boras has big plans for how to keep clients out of trouble like the Biogenesis situation that continues to develop from Miami. Boras is going to open a private fitness complex, similar to one he has in California, where his clients can workout and be advised on supplements by a team of trainers and advisers.

The Pirates and Francisco Liriano agreed to a deal in mid-December, but before it was finalized Liriano fell in his bathroom and broke his non-throwing arm. For a time it looked as though the deal would fall through, but the Pirates announced they've agreed to modified terms.'s Tom Singer reports that instead of the original 2-year, $12.75M agreement, the new contract guarantees Liriano just $1M (!), with the other $11.75 (and second year) tied to vesting bonuses. Some of those bonus probably vest pretty easily, but that's still a steep fall.'s Zack Meisel reports STO will broadcast 159 Indians regular seasons games in 2013. Fox will air Tribe games, June 15th against the Nationals and June 22nd against the Twins.

The San Francisco Chronicle's Ann Killion broke major news on Tim Lincecum yesterday.

Finally, in this week's non-baseball tidbit, two episodes in I've really been enjoying FX's new Cold War drama, "The Americans." It's about a pair of KGB agents living in Washington D.C. during the early 1980s. Has anyone else been watching it? Enjoying it? What other TV dramas are you into these days?