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News and Notes: February 6, 2013

Bud Norris would look nice in Tribe laundry.

Your K/9 is good lookin'.
Your K/9 is good lookin'.
Dilip Vishwanat
  • LGFT Jeremy Accardo signed a Minor league deal with the Nationals (NRI).
  • The Marlins signed 7-foot right-hander Jon Rauch to a 1-year deal and DFA'd SBN video sensation Bryan Petersen.
  • It was hinted at a few days ago that the Rays upcoming DFAs could be interesting. Here are 2 of them: Reid Brignac and Elliot Johnson
  • Poster boys

    How the Costacos Brothers built a wall art empire, by Amy K. Nelson

  • I was very excited to read that Bud Norris is available. I'll let Rosenthal take it from here: "Norris, who turns 28 on March 2, is available and drawing interest, according to major-league sources. The Astros’ motivation for moving him would be the same as it was for all of their other recent deals — to acquire young talent so that they can better compete in the future."
  • Derek Lowe to Colorado? Poor Rockies.
  • RA Dickey named opening day starter of rotation that contains 5 guys who would probably start opening day for us
  • Chris Carpenter is not all that healthy, and may not pitch in 2013.