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Filed under: Looks at Francisco Lindor

Lindor's development is one of the most important ongoing story lines for the Indians, of interest to most serious fans of the team.


This probably could have gone into the comments of today's news and notes, but with Lindor of such great interest to so many of us, I thought it was worth posting separately, so that readers who've already read the news and notes don't miss it. I'm not familiar with Andrew Pentis, but he's got an article on Francisco Lindor up today at that's well worth looking at.

Lindor talks about his childhood in Puerto Rico, the impact his father and older brother had on his development as a ballplayer. The article also discusses Lindor's defense in great detail, identifing steps Lindor has taken to become such a strong fielder and areas he'll be looking to improve upon in 2013 (such as his learning to position himself for specific hitters and situation. Travis Fryman, a pretty decent fielder in his day and now a special assistant to the team, is mentioned as someone who's been working with Lindor.

I've gone on record before as being a big believer in Lindor, there are few prospects in all of baseball I'd rather have and I was happy to learn a bit more about him and his development. The article is not a long read and is well worth three or four minutes of your time.