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2005 ERA Champion Kevin Millwood Retires (Feb 4 Notes)

Lyons and tigers and bears, oh my! #terriblesummaries

Otto Greule Jr
  • LGFT KMTS Kevin Millwood retired on Sunday, meaning that he won't become our next KMTS as well. Millwood, you probably remember, had a sparkling 2.86 ERA for the 2005 Indians. But although that team won 93 games, Millwood was credited with just 9 wins. For that, he finished tied for sixth (last) with Jon Garland in the CY race... behind LGFT Bartolo Colon, FTFT Johan Santana and Clifton Phifer Lee. (Voting results below)
    He combined on a no-hitter with the 2012 Mariners and threw one of his own on April 27, 2003 with Philadelphia.
  • And finally, how about that Bauer Outage Sunday night?