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Single-Game Tickets On Sale....NOW

This morning at 10 AM, the Indians are releasing single-game tickets for sale to the general public; previously only tickets as part of some of package have been sold.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

If you're looking to pick up tickets to individual games, today is the best day to do so, as the Indians are discounting the tickets sold today. Also, buying on-line is going to be cheapest method of obtaining the tickets, especially if you buy the "paperless" tickets.

As in previous seasons, tickets will are priced differently depending on both the opponent, the day of the week, and the time of the year. So a Wednesday night game against the Athletics in May, for instance, will be a lot cheaper than a late-July weekend series with the Rangers.For a nice chart that compares pricing by game, check this page out.

I'll throw this question out there: what are your plans for this season as far as tickets? Are you in for a season ticket plan, a couple individual games, or something in-between? Also, what's your "go to" section of the you like the bleachers, or maybe the mezzanine, or perhaps a particular section down the third base line?