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Trevor Bauer Getting a Bad Rap (News and Notes)

As tempting as it is to pile on to Trevor Bauer for his ill-timed rap, ultimately it's better to just file it away as a side story.

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Trevor Bauer downplays rap 'controversy': Cleveland Indians Insider |

Here I take what might seem a hypocritical position, as by talking about it, I'm furthering this non-story. In today's Internet world, a story like this, where a player opens himself up to ridicule with a release of a song, really distracts everyone from what we should be talking about. Yes, it's somewhat interesting that Bauer raps on the side, just as it was interesting that Ben Broussard recorded (much better) music when he was a baseball player. Broussard's other interests didn't really affect what we thought of him as a baseball player (when he was traded, did anyone mention his music?), and neither should Bauer's.

I've seen arguments* saying that this song release proves that Bauer is a flake and that the Diamondbacks were more than justified in trading him. Those arguments are baseless. Prior to his 16.1 innings with Arizona last year, Bauer threw 156 minor-league innings, striking out 11.5 per 9 and allowing 7.7 hits per 9. His stuff has been judged by scouts to be as good as anyone else's in the minors. Until he got to the majors, his so-called personality flaws were no having an effect on his performance.

"To me, this is a non-story," said Francona.

Moving on.

The Bourn press conference will at the very least be broadcast on WTAM (the Indians' flagship station), though I would also imagine STO would cover it as well. I'll throw up a thread this afternoon to talk about it. The Indians will also need to make a roster move to make room for Bourn; the favorites are David Huff, Ezequiel Carrera, and Frank Herrmann, three players who are out of options.

The Diff: Debunking myths about Michael Bourn | WaitingForNextYear

Jacob Rosen at Waiting For Next Year looks at some reactions to the Bourn signing and whether those reactions hold any credence, including how Bourn will age, his value as a player, and whether this means the Indians are now contenders for the AL Central.

*Yes, I know it's usually not a good idea to respond to someone being wrong on the Internet...