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First Oblique Reference of 2013 (News and Notes)

If you had Joe Smith in your oblique pool, then you win! Also, the Piazza/Clemens mound fight that could have been, Trevor Bauer's teammate had some parting shots for him, and the Yankees (sniff) seem to be having problems selling tickets.

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Jim McIsaac

Around MLB

Diamondbacks' Didi Gregorius could start season on DL

Looks like the Diamondbacks will be needing a shortstop.

New York Yankees COO: Ticket Sales Are ‘Rough’ For The Bronx Bombers " CBS New York

That sound you hear is the world's smallest violin playing.

Mike Piazza had dreams of using karate to take out Roger Clemens -

It's too bad Mike decided not to use his training when Clemens throw Piazza's bat back at him; that would have rivaled Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura and Fausto Carmona/Gary Sheffield as far as mound confrontations are concerned.

Tribe News

Trevor Bauer's Arizona catcher fires away: 'He never wanted to listen' -- Cleveland Indians Insider |

I think we now have some idea why Arizona was willing to trade Bauer, though to me it's a rather shallow one. A 21-year-old pitcher who needs to mature a bit? Shocking!

Tribe easing slowed Smith into camp | News

The first (but certainly not last) oblique injury of 2013 belongs to Joe.

Francona on the new defensive alignment: