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Matt LaPorta is Healthy!!! (Feb 11 News and Notes)

"He no longer wakes in the morning and wonders if he'll be able to walk, much less play baseball."

This photo is full of action.
This photo is full of action.
J. Meric
  • That quote is about Matt LaPorta. It is probably moot. Here's more.
  • Also in that Clecom link: "With the exception of left-hander Edward Paredes, all Indians pitchers and catchers required to report to camp Sunday did so. Paredes, a spring-training invitee, is having visa problems in the Dominican Republic."
  • And don't expect that Showtime thing to happen. (Same link)
  • If you missed the weekend's news, Jason Giambi and Dice-K will be playing for the Tribe in Goodyear.