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Cleveland Indians Transactions: Lou Marson, Matt Carson, and Tyler Cloyd Non-Tendered

The 40-man dream ends for three: Marson, Carson, and Cloyd

Lou Marson
Lou Marson
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Marson, Carson and Cloyd one night

Sailed off in a leather glove -

Sailed on a river of the smoothest dirt

Into a sea of green.

"Where are you going, and what do you wish?"

The light tower asked of the three.

"We have come to play in the major leagues

For Cleveland especially;

Gloves of gold and silver have we!"

Said Marson, Carson and Cloyd.


The light tower laughed and brightened the field

As they rocked in the giant glove

And the cheers that sped them on their way

Came from all around.

The fans were the blades of grass

That lived in the sea of green -

"Now swing your bat and make a pitch -

Never afeard are we"

So cried the fans to the players three:

Marson, Carson, and Cloyd


All night long the bats they swung

And pitches they twirled in the green green field -

Then down from the sky came the giant glove,

Bringing the players home:

Twas all so pretty a sight it seemed

As if it could not be,

And some folks thought it was a dream they dreamed

Of playing for the team -

But I shall name you the players three:

Marson, Carson, and Cloyd


Marson's a catcher, Carson's a 'fielder,

And Cloyd a right-handed pitcher,

And the giant glove that sailed the skies

Is the Tribe's 40-man roster.

So shut your eyes while Antonetti

Sends the non-tender request,

And you shall see the players

At their best,

Where the blades of grass cheered them with joy:

Marson, Carson, and Cloyd.

(hat tip: Eugene Field)