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SB Nation MLB Awards

SB Nation's annual baseball awards are out.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation's MLB Awards are being announced today. Each SBN site is given two ballots for the awards in their league, so Ryan and I each got to vote.

American League MVP:

1) Mike Trout - 524 points (34 first-place votes)

2) Miguel Cabrera - 362 (4)

3) Josh Donaldson - 298

4) Chris Davis - 270

5) Evan Longoria - 198

No surprise to me that Trout won comfortably, though I expect Cabrera to win the BBWAA's MVP again. Trout was the best player in baseball for the second year in a row, and a deserving winner of this award. Jason Kipnis finished in 12th, Carlos Santana finished in 22nd. Trout, Cabrera, and Donaldson were also 1, 2, and 3 on my own ballot.

American League Cy Young:

1) Max Scherzer - 249 points (32 first-place votes)

2) Yu Darvish - 105 (4)

3) Chris Sale - 96 (3)

4) Anibal Sanchez - 93

5) Felix Hernandez - 75

Again, no surprise. In this case, our results will almost certainly match those of the BBWAA. Scherzer, Sanchez, and Sale were my personal top 3, followed by Darvish and Hisashi Iwakuma. No Indians received any mention here.

American League Rookie of the Year:

1) Wil Myers - 181 points (31 first-place votes)

2) Jose Iglesias - 66 (2)

3) Chris Archer - 36 (3)

4) David Lough - 15 (1)

5) Martin Perez - 14

I expected Myers to win, but was a little surprised by how wide the margin was. I expect it to be a much closer race in the BBWAA voting. MY own ballot was Myers, Iglesias, and Perez. Cody Allen received one third-place vote and finished 10th.

You can find the full balloting, along with National League results here.