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2013 AL Comeback Player of the Year Award Announced; Kazmir shafted

In no surprise to anyone involved, Mariano Rivera takes home the award in his farewell season while Scott Kazmir finishes a disappointing third.

Kazmir in the best uniforms of the season.
Kazmir in the best uniforms of the season.
Jason Miller

While I understand the love for Rivera (He is no doubt the best relief pitcher of all time), the differences between his comeback from a torn ACL and Kazmir's journey from the Sugarland Skeeters to a viable major league starter are not really comparable. The depths from where Kazmir had to rise from was much. much deeper than what Mo did.

But as I alluded to in the teaser, I knew that Rivera would be a shoo-in for the award, and he had a 2.4 to 1.1 edge in WAR (BRef). Where I feel Kazmir truly got shafted is that he finished third behind LGFT Victor Martinez of the Tigers. Victor accumulated a 1.2 WAR over 668 plate appearances while Kazmir posted his 1.1 in just 29 starts, with an excellent K/9 rate.

Voting is 5 points for first, three for second and one for third:

  1. Mariano Rivera (Yankees): 54
  2. Victor Martinez (Tigers): 16
  3. Scott Kazmir (Indians): 12
  4. James Loney (Rays): 7
  5. Neal Cotts (Rangers): 5
In the National League, Francisco Liriano also won by a huge margin over Mark Melancon, Marlon Byrd, Chris Johnson and Jayson Werth.

Being announced today are the AL and NL Manager of the year awards. I expect Terry Francona to get some votes, but not nearly enough to win.