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The scoop on David Murphy signing with the Indians comes from an unusual source

Take THAT Jon Heyman and Ken Rosenthal!

This is not David Murphy's daughter
This is not David Murphy's daughter
Suhaimi Abdullah

Most baseball news items are broken by one of a small number of well-connected national or beat writers. The scoop on David Murphy agreeing to terms with the Cleveland Indians came a little differently.

Word of the deal first came out... at a daycare center, where Murphy's daughter was telling teachers and classmates, "My daddy is going to be an Indian."

As a teacher, I can tell you that the word of a child on their family members should not be taken as fact. My students would have me believe their dad bowled a 325 game, their mom makes the best meatloaf in the world, and their little brother is none other than Lucifer, the devil himself. Later reporting on my part determined that none of these stories were true (though the boy is a biter).

The Daughter Murphy's story checked out though. One of the classmates' parents sent a DM about the news (which Murphy confirmed for interested parties when he arrived to pick his little girl up) to Dallas-area blogger Jamie Kelly, who then broke the story to a wider audience:

Inspired by this turn of events, I attempted to find out from Jason Kipnis' nephew if the Indians are working on an extension with their start second baseman, but wound up with nothing for my troubles but a broken Crayola crayon and the tab for three grape juices.

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