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BBWAA announces MVP winners, gets AL wrong again

Someday this will get straightened out...

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera
of the Tigers and Andrew McCutchen of the Pirates are your 2013 MVP winners. Each was chosen by a comfortable margin by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

Cabrera put up very impressive offensive numbers, with a .348/.442/.636 line (each of those figures led the league), along with 44 home runs and 137 RBI (2nd place in each). For the second year in a row, Mike Trout of the Angelswas baseball's best player, for the second year in a row, he was denied this honor, due to Cabrera excelling in the categories most voters are most-drawn to.

Cabrera received 23 of 30 first-place votes (including those of Cleveland's two voters, Paul Hoynes and Sheldon Ocker), and was listed 2nd on the 7 others. Trout was a distant runner up, with 5 first-place votes. He was also listed 7th on the ballot of Bill Ballou of the Worcester Telegram & Gazzette, who should be publicly shamed for that. Baltimore's Chris Davis was 3rd and Oakland's Josh Donaldson was 4th; each of them received one 1 first-place vote. New York's Robinson Cano rounded out the top five.

The Indians had two players receive votes. Jason Kipnis finished 11th (and was listed as high as 5th), while Carlos Santana came in 16th (with an 8th-place vote).

McCutchen posted a .317/.404/.508 line, along with 21 HR, 27 SB, and strong defense in centerfield. He also led the Pirates to their first winning season and playoff appearance in 21 years (which shouldn't count in the voting, but certainly does). McCutchen would have gotten my vote too, which I'm sure would warm his heart.

McCutchen received 28 of 30 first-place votes (St. Louis' two voters both chose Yadier Molina of the Cardinalsinstead, those homers). Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt finished 2nd, with Molina in 3rd. Matt Carpenter (also from St Louis) was 4th, while Freddie Freeman of Atlanta came in 5th.

Full results can be found at the BBWAA's website.

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