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Indians react to Terry Francona winning AL Manager of the Year award

A look at tweets from Indians players in the aftermath of Terry Francona being named AL Manager of the Year

As I'm sure you already know, Terry Francona was named American League Manager of the Year Tuesday night, in something of a surprise. Like most successful managers, Francona is very well-liked by his players, and in the social media age we live in, that meant many in the Indians organization took to Twitter to offer their congratulations.

The team's official account was on the ball, first to the scene:

...followed immediately by the team's President.

It should come as no surprise who the first player to offer congratulations was:

Gomes is so dependable, not only did he have something kind to say, his home country did too:

At least I think those are kind words (my Portugese is weak).

Cleveland's favorite bro was on the scene:

There are far too few ALL CAPS words in that tweet. Nick wasn't enjoying the moment alone:

JoAnna wasn't the only player's wife to express support:

This next one belongs to a man who deserves recognition of his own:

Some of the young guys were wise enough to kiss the ring:

While more established players can afford to worry about college basketball instead:

Kipnis' pal Vinnie Pestano wasn't too busy to send his best:

...and Corey Kluber took time off from his offseason obligations to his Society to chime in:

Lest anyone think Kipnis was merely sitting on his couch watching the game... No, no, he was there, and with darn-good seats:

Editor's note: Kipnis did retweet the team's congratulatory message and, like many players, probably reached out more personally to Francona, to offer his own congratulations. I thought his tweeting about basketball while all the rest of this was going on was funny, but it is not meant to mean he doesn't care, isn't a good teammate or anything like that. I love Kipnis.

It took some time, but the team's rookie ace-in-training finally got word of the honor as well:

In case anyone is still on the fence about whether or not Francona deserved this honor, let's take a minute to remember what a mess this team was last year, before he arrived. Then let's take another minute to remember how it was that Francona inspired these players to the success they found in 2013:

That's a man who knows how to lead!

Congratulations, Tito, from all of us at Let's Go Tribe.

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