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November 13 Tribe News and Notes

...Meanwhile, the Indians still sound unreasonable regarding Scott Kazmir's value.

This 36-year-old just got paid like a 26-year-old.
This 36-year-old just got paid like a 26-year-old.
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports
  • Jon Heyman echoes the report that the Indians are not overly interested in Scott Kazmir, saying the Indians seem intent on not offering him anything more than a 1-year deal. Kazmir is a high-ceiling free agent that I don't think we can afford to let get away.
  • Your loss, New York.
  • Philadelphia has reunited itself with Marlon Byrd on this contract:
  • Once-rumored Tribe trade target Chase Headley could be up for grabs again:
  • LGFT Mark DeRosa is retiring, according to the Blue Jays GM. DeRosa had 36 RBI on just 48 hits in 2013.

  • The Twins are discussing a return of A.J. Pierjazdzuhskutv to Minnesota. Hopefully, if they sign him, they aren't able to trade him for way more than he's worth again.

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