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Cody Allen finishes tied for sixth in Rookie of the Year voting

In a slightly shocking development, one of the Indians players actually received votes in this years balloting.

Congrats Cody!
Congrats Cody!
Duane Burleson

Not that I wasn't aware that Cody Allen was a rookie, but I didn't think his stats would have been enough to register any votes from the BBWAA populace. He finished with two points, getting two third place votes (perhaps from both Cleveland beat writers with a vote).

Wil Myers of the Rays (yeah that KC trade looks good) was the runaway winner, nabbing 23 of the 30 first place votes. Jose Iglesius (Red Sox/Tigers) pulled in five and somehow LGFT Chris Archer of the Rays and Dan Straily of the Athletics both were thought highly enough to grab one first place vote each. Actually, now that I look at the stats, they were both more deserving than Iglesius. J.B Shuck of the Angels finished in fifth, with Martin Perez of the Rangers tying with Allen and David Lough of the Royals getting one third place vote.

In the other league, Jose Fernandez surprisingly beat Yasel Puig by a comfortable margin (142-95) with 26 of the 30 first place votes. Somehow Puig was left off one ballot (I guess defection did not count for him, but did for Fernandez, although he did play high school ball in the States). Shelby Miller (Cardinals), Hyun-Jin Ryu (Dodgers), Julio Teheran (Braves), Jedd Gyorko (Padres), Nolan Arenado (Rockies) and Evan Gattis (Braves) completed the tallies.

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