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Want to write about the Indians? Here's your chance.

We're looking to add multiple new staff members to the LGT family.

Jason Miller

When I accepted Ryan's offer to take over the managing editor position here at Let's Go Tribe, a part of the plan was to add 2 or 3 new writers, in order to cover things more fully without allowing our quality to diminish, and to give the site a wider range of voices. If you're interested in being a part of our team, and being able to write about the Indians for an audience of thousands, this is your chance.

Candidates should be knowledgable and passionate about the Indians, and must have strong writing skills (you don't have to be Mark Twain, but you must have solid spelling/grammar and be able to craft an interesting sentence). You could be looking to contribute something just once a week, or want to do more.

Preference will be given to those who've been active commenters at LGT, because that's one way for me to know that you're involved and up to speed on the guidelines of our community, but such activity is not a requirement (I myself was a very infrequent commenter before joining the team). If you've written FanPosts here, or written about the Indians (or other baseball topics) elsewhere, feel free to send links to a couple of pieces you feel are representative of your abilities and interests.

I'd also like interested parties to specify areas of interest. Not all forms of writing are the same, and I want writers to play to their strong suit(s). Here are potential 'beats':

News and notes writer - This is a good spot for people who read a number of sites, and not just about the Indians. woodsmeister has done more of these than anyone over the last few months, and he does an excellent job. Take a look at his N&N posts for an idea of what we're looking for.

Gamethread/recap writer - I'll be writing some of these next season, and Ryan will as well, but we're looking to have a couple recaps a week next season written by someone new. These are time sensitive, and should be written by someone who is watching the game and can craft an interesting story out of the game's events within 30-40 minutes of the final out.

Feature writer - This could include player profiles, opinion pieces on recent happenings, or something else entirely. You'd have a scheduled day and time for your posts and let me know ahead of time what you planned to cover.

Minor leagues/prospects writer - If you're interested in not just the big league club, but the farm system as well, this is the spot for you. You'd be keeping LGT readers up-to-speed on what's happening at each level of the minor leagues, highlighting notable prospects, and covering player promotions.

Social media manager - I want our work to be found by as many Tribe fans as possible. In this day and age that means utilizing outlets like Twitter and Facebook. I'm looking to share access to LGT's accounts with someone with strong social media knowledge and skills. If you know how to create GIFs and/or have other technical knowledge, all the better. This person could also be contributing original content at LGT, or could be focused solely on spreading the word.

Breaking news writer - The goal is to make sure there is always someone 'on' between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM, ready to put a quick post up with the basic facts if something notable happens (transactions, injuries, etc.). I'll cover as much of that as I can, and Ryan will help out too, but I don't want news to go uncovered for hours if he and I are both tied up. Any writer on the staff could be a part of this effort.

Please email me if you are interested in one or more of these areas (my address can be found here). Please consider which area(s) you are interested in first, and share samples of work you've done (could be a FanPost or even a long contribution from the comments section) and/or be prepared to be asked to create a sample of the kind of content you hope to contribute. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have as well.

Thank you.

- Jason Lukehart, managing editor at Let's Go Tribe