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Open Thread: October 7, 2013 (DS Games 3/4)

The second (and final) day in which there will be four playoff games.

Anibal Sanchez
Anibal Sanchez
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Today's Games

  • Oakland at Detroit,1:07 PM (Jarrod Parker vs Anibal Sanchez) - TIED 1-1 (MLB Network)
  • St. Louis at Pittsburgh, 3:07 PM (Michael Wacha vs Charlie Morton) - PIT 2-1 (TBS)
  • Boston at Tampa Bay, 6:07 PM (Clay Buccholz vs Alex Cobb) - BOS 2-0 (TBS)
  • Atlanta at LA Dodgers, 9:37 PM (Freddy Garcia(!) vs Ricky Nolasco) - LAD 2-1 (TBS)

LGT question: Now that you've had a chance to see a couple games, who in your opinion is the best team remaining?