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Open Thread: October 4, 2013 (Division Series Quadrupleheader)

All four Division Series are in action today

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole

Today's Games

  • Pittsburgh at St. Louis, 1:07 PM (Gerrit Cole vs Lance Lynn) - STL 1-0 (MLB Network)
  • Tampa Bay at Boston, 3:07 PM (Matt Moore vs Jon Lester) - Game 1 (TBS)
  • LA Dodgers at Atlanta, 6:07 PM (Zack Greinke vs Mike Minor) - LAD 1-0 (TBS)
  • Detroit at Oakland, 9:37 PM (Max Scherzer vs Bartolo Colon) - Game 1 (TBS)

Today's LGT question: Now that the Indians are done, what are you doing with your time?