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News and Notes 10/30/13

there was no baseball yesterday. So, by default, it was the most likeable these World Series contenders have been..

Ausmus, LGFT Jamey Carroll and a hand
Ausmus, LGFT Jamey Carroll and a hand
Jeff Gross
  • Apparently you don't even need to be interviewed by the Chicago Cubs to have a better shot at their job than Manny Acta:
  • Betancourt is recovering from Tommy John surgery and is not expected to pitch in 2014.
  • The NY Times takes a look at FOX's poor production in key moments.
  • There is no mention of how much of a chance Chris Antonetti had at the STL job in this John Mozeliak article.
  • The White Sox officially signed Jose Abreu. Hopefully, he doesn't pan out.