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Stories from fans watching last night's Indians game

Where did you watch? Who were you with? Did you cry? Come on, be honest...

Denis Doyle

Last night's Wild Card Game was a bummer, as the team wasted a number of quality scoring opportunities (becoming just the 9th team in postseason history to collect 9+ hits but fail to score) and a great effort from the bullpen.

Let's Go Tribe wants to know your story from the game. Where did you watch? Who were you with? Did you make it to one of the LGT meet ups? We want all the gossip on fellow fans we can only picture as their avatars. Whether you were in a crowd of 43,000+ at Progressive Field or sitting alone in the dark at home, we want to hear about it!


I mentioned on this week's podcast that Indians fandom has been mostly a solitary experience for me. I grew up in Chicago, and didn't know a single other Tribe fan til I was in my 20s. Until pretty recently, I saw only what Indians games were broadcast nationally, or played against the White Sox, and I watched most of those alone, including playoff games. It's been great being able to watch so many more games using, and getting to 'know' so many other big fans here at LGT, but I wasn't quite ready to venture out in public for last night's big game, so I stayed home to watch.

I was with my girlfriend, who's actually from the Cleveland area (coincidence???). She was excited before the game started, but wasn't going to take defeat as hard as me. She was good enough just to let me stew quietly through the game's final innings. I never closed the game thread, but I don't think I commented after about the 4th inning, until dropping one more line in during the bottom of the 9th. I needed to work through things on my own, because that's what I've been conditioned for.

Sharing my fandom is still sort of new for me, but hearing from you all can only help.