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SB Nation baseball GM simulation

Here's your chance to play General Manager this offseason and turn the Indians into an even bigger winner.


Max Rieper is a contributor at Royals Review on SB Nation. Last year he ran a Winter Meetings Simulation among SB Nation's baseball sites, where participants from each blog got to "play GM" and negotiate trades and free agents. It was a fun exercise and he's going to be doing it again. None of the staff members are able to fill in for it this week, due to scheduling issues, but we're hoping one (or more) of you are interested:

Here's what Max wrote:

I'm looking for a true blue Indians fan to play GM in the place of Chris Antonetti. You will be interacting with 29 other fans of teams, working out trades, and negotiating free agent contracts with me (I AM A SUPER AGENT!). The time commitment is as much or as little as you want and all negotiations and transactions are conducted via email. The simulation will last one workweek, from November 4-8 (that is tentative, we may push it back a week or so). If you want an idea of what it is, here is last year's thread:

If you have any questions, you can contact me at


As it says, if you've got questions, you can contact Max. If you know you're interested, you should contact me too (you can find my email address here). I'll work with whomever speaks up to work out a couple things in advance, such as a reasonable budget for the Tribe this offseason, and whether or not to make qualifying offers, non-tender anyone, etc. Then, when November 4th rolls around, you'll be turned loose to build a World Series winner!

You can also drop questions and suggestions into the comments here.