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October 16 news and notes

I'm as bored with baseball as you are. Seeing the Tigers lose is always exciting, though.

Aww... poor Verlander.
Aww... poor Verlander.
Mike Ehrmann
  • The Cardinals took a 3-1 lead in the NLCS by beating the Dodgers 4-2. Shane Robinson (!?) hit a home run in the 7th inning that gave the Cardinals a useful insurance run.
  • The Red Sox beat the Tigers 1-0 to take a 2-1 series lead. Mike Napoli's power was the source of the one run. He hit it off of Justin Verlander, who was otherwise stellar again.
  • If you missed Señor Lukehart's post yesterday, Michael Bourn underwent surgery Tuesday. Hopefully this is the first step on his way to becoming a base stealing threat again. A year of watching AL pitchers should (hopefully) help as well.
  • And finally, Chad Ochocinco takes his stab at one of our late-season gamethread memes: