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January 7 News and Notes (Garza Available, Berkman Not)

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Scott Boehm
  • The Cubs would listen to offers on Matt Garza if teams feel his elbow is healthy. In the same paragraph: speculation on Lincecum and Floyd. I'd love any of the three in our rotation, but it would depend on the prospect cost.
  • The Rangers signed Lance Berkman to a deal that will, in my opinion, pay him too much money.
  • The Dodgers spent more money—this time on JP Howell
  • The Marlins will/won't trade Giancarlo Stanton ... Kip Chelly will/won't come to Cleveland ... "sources" know as little as I do.
  • Arizona and SD have been discussing an Upton for Headley trade for a while, but nothing has materialized. Enter Seattle?