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Trevor Bauer Wants To Know... (Yesterday's N&N)

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE


hey @brooksbaseball is there any way you can put together a study for me? interested in the correlation between opponents batting average | and slugging percentage against vs vertical height of the release point of the pitcher.

Me: What's your hypothesis, Trevor?

the lower release point the lower slugging percentage and batting average against. thats what im thinking. interested to see data

Well, Trevor... That's what I figured. Once in a while you come across a submariner w/ a high HR/9. Probably not enough to skew the data though

right. just looking to see if theres any trend. im really interested in it


As it applies to all pitches? I can try to do some rudimentary analysis

Preliminary results (n=5000), show no correlation between vertical release and SLG (-.01)

For clarity sake, data is from 2012 season, RHP only, outcomes weighted linearly (out=0, 1B=1, etc.)


why? That would portend an advantage to shorter pitchers; does not seem to be the case...


I would argue there is an advantage for shorter pitchers. That's why I wanna see the data and see if I'm close or not


Dodgers introducing Dodgers Rewards. Season ticket holders get points for liking posts on facebook, following on Twitter, reading website.

This is a great idea, if you ask me.

The @Dbacks and Martin Prado avoid arbitration with 4-year contract.