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Indians Overcome Squishy Sky, Beat A's 14-10

The Indians and Athletics played a Cactus League game today, and it lived up to all expectations.




Game Thread

Yes, I'm recapping this game, but don't expect a recap for every single Cactus League game from here on out. I do need to build up my recap word count, but as any writing coach worth his salt will tell you, you need to build up your stamina slowly. I may strain something if I start out too quickly, you know.

Today's game was on the radio, but luckily it was broadcast online by Indians play-by-play guy Jim Rosenhaus (Tom Hamilton apparently doesn't do Internet). So there was some entertaining description of the action on the field. And it sure beats recapping something based on a box score, as box scores tend to be rather terse storytellers.LGFT and Oakland broadcaster Ray Fosse made an appearance on the broadcast - well actually, he kind of ran the broadcast while he was there, which made for some interesting radio.

This game was somewhat interesting since both Justin Masterson and Ubaldo Jimenez made their spring debuts. We've talked ad nauseum as to how bad the two were last season, and how important the Indians' playoff relevance is to their performance this season. So it was comforting that both pitchers had successful 2013 debuts; both seemed to have good stuff, and although neither was throwing their complete repertoire, it was nice to see them throw lots of strikes. Well, in Masterson's case, he threw eight pitches, all strikes in his two innings of work, which probably would have set of tied spring training records for pitch efficiency had anyone cared to track spring training records.Ubaldo had to throw more pitches, but 15 pitches in 2 innings (11 for strikes) would have made us delirious with happiness had that happened in a regular season game.

[Update: As mentioned by barsham, the box score pitch counts are not accurate. So no, Masterson did not throw only 8 pitches in 2 innings.]

Vinnie Pestano, who is ramping up for the World Baseball Classic, made his second appearance of the spring and tossed a one-hit but scoreless inning. After that the regulars exited, and the good pitching also left for the day. Matt Capps, who is working himself back from an injury-plagued season, allowed two runs in his inning of work (on a Shane Peterson home run), and Frank Herrmann, who is also in contention for a roster spot, gave up four runs on five hits in his inning. After that came Matt Langwell and The Snowman, neither of whom have any chance of making the team.

The Tribe offense continued to churn out offense; they scored three runs against the major-league Oakland pitchers, and poured it on against the minor-league/NRI brigade late in the game. Ryan Raburn continued his torrid start, collecting two more hits as the team's starting third baseman. Matt Carson and Yan Gomes each hit home runs, and Michael Brantley, Cord Phelps, and Ben Francisco collected doubles.After the sky settled, the Indians collected 10 hits, 9 walks, and 14 runs.

Michael Brantley left the game after he suffered a laceration on his right forearm while sliding into third base. He needed to go a local hospital to receive stitches. He'll probably miss a couple days, though at this stage in the spring, missing time isn't much a deal.

The Roll Call thingy is back; this magical Internet toy summarizes the numerical participation in the Game Thread. But it unfortunately is not cool enough to capture the wit and hilarity of the comments, so I'll have to compile those manually.

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1 YoDaddyWags 58
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5 Ryan 14
6 johnf34 14
7 NatiTribeFan 10
8 westbrook 9
9 woodsmeister 8
10 talonk 7
11 27ftBaja 7
12 APV 7
13 T.O. Tribe 6
14 jason-lukehart 5
15 tgriffith1992 5
16 dgcambridge 3
17 Brad D 3
18 notthatnoise 3
19 JRontherim 2
20 CLEinAZ 2
21 tr1betime 2
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23 DPS 1
24 7foot3 1
25 ethorn 1
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30 Matt Y. 1
31 Ockus_NYC 1

Today's comment of the day goes to YoDaddyWags. The particular comment is: all of them. I now feel like the poor soul who had to provide "The Annotated Dennis Miller" the day after Monday Night Football, as there are many references that I can get but not explain, at least not in a reasonable amount of cyberspace. So instead I will simply highlight some, and you can Google or Bing the reference in your spare time.

The squishy Arizona sky gave Hermida some trouble just now. And a nice inning for Ubaldo.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 3:48 PM EST reply actions

Macy Gray now pitching for the A’s. i think.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 4:13 PM EST reply actions

I feel cheated out of a triple play here. I blame McGuiness, and cannot wait for his quick exile to Toronto.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 4:37 PM EST reply actions 1 recs

Single by Barton past a diving Michael Young. Well, Michael Young probably is wallowing around in the dust somewhere right now.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 4:51 PM EST reply actions


by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 5:15 PM EST reply actions

No, Rosey, that couldn’t have been Grant Green batting. He wrote the great soundtrack to the black action flick The Final Comedown in 1971, which means he’d probably be over 70 years old today.

Can’t fool me.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 5:25 PM EST reply actions

Prince Ranier takes the hill in a tight spot for the As. Bases drunk and nobody out. But so is the Prince! who uncorks a wild pitch to send a run scurrying across the plate for the Napoleons.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 5:41 PM EST reply actions 6 recs

Sir Cedric Calloway gains an rbi as Weeks can’t handle his bouncer and everyone is safe.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 5:43 PM EST reply actions

The squishy sky swallows a pop, but it comes out again and drops uneventfully into an enemy glove. History has swallowed this Tribe batfest, and will record (except on ESPN) that 6 Indians touched the home base before outs thrice were recorded. 14-6. Long Matt Langwell sprints to the pitching mound for the Sockalexi.

by YoDaddyWags on Feb 25, 2013 5:56 PM EST reply actions