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Indians Wild Card preview on Canadian radio

Jason's 10-minute spot on TSN 1260 Radio Edmonton, where he talked Indians with Canada's 5th-biggest city in advance of tonight's Wild Card Game.


If you haven't already, you should make time to listen to this week's podcast, in which Ryan and Jay (not as grizzled sounding as I expected!) both join me to talk about the Indians season, how they reached this point, which moves were most significant, who the team MVP is; and also take a look ahead to tonight, when Danny Salazar takes the mound for the biggest Tribe game in six years.

If you don't have 45 minutes are your disposal during the work day, or if you've already given that a listen and now you'd like to hear what I sound like answering questions instead of asking them, Monday night I did a radio spot on TSN (ESPN in Canada) 1260 Edmonton, with host Jason Strudwick, a friendly Canadian and former NHL player.

He asked me about what Terry Francona has meant to the team, how the 2013 Indians were put together, Chris Perez's stuggles, which play-in team I preferred (Monday night's game was still going on when we spoke), and what the Tribe's pitching options look like for tonight's Wild Card Game and beyond.

The recording is here.

You can skip to the 24:00 mark to hear my spot. There's Pittsburgh Pirates talk for about 6 minutes before I come on if you want more baseball, and I'm followed by comments from and discussion of Wayne Gretzky, who I must assume is talked about every night on Edmonton radio, as he should be.