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Tribe News and Notes: September 23, 2012


Thankfully there's just 10 games left in this dreadful season. 10 games until things can be done which will (someday) turn this current mess of an organization into a competitor again.

Royals beat Cleveland Indians to hand Ubaldo Jimenez 17th loss of season |

This quote sums up the rest of the season:

"You get paid to work. You get paid to pitch. I get paid to manage," said Acta. "If he's fine, he should continue to pitch. You don't sit anybody to stop him from striking out 100 times.

Acta is referring, of course, to Ubaldo Jimenez, who although he can't lose 20 games, is ending the season on a particularly bad stretch.

Five Questions with ... Indians utility man Vinny Rottino |

The most important of the bunch of course is...

Q: Did you pick the theme from The Godfather for your walk-up music when you come to the plate at Progressive Field?

A: No, the Indians did that. I love it. I'm a big fan of The Godfather movies.

The DiaTribe: A Lazy Sunday Nearing the End

Paul looks at the grim reality facing whoever is running the front this winter.