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New Additions, and an SBN United Preview

You may have noticed some changes to the masthead. A couple weeks ago I've brought on board three new front page authors, who will be helping to expand Let's Go Tribe's coverage of the Indians:

(in no particular order)

talonk (Dean) you know by his outstanding Indians by the Numbers FanPosts, as well as the other history-related posts he's done over the years. He'll be continuing his historical-related Indians posts as part of the Top 100 Indians series (which will be going to 2 days a week in the offseason) as well as helping out with other posts, such as the ongoing 2012 in Review series and whatever comes after that.

Lukehart80 (Jason) is new to the site. He's been blogging at his own personal blog on the Indians, and his work will be now be reaching a new audience of Indians fans. He'll be contributing long-form posts and helping out with ongoing series. I'm excited to bring him on board, and I think you'll really enjoy reading his work.

westbrook (Greg) you know of course as a long-time LGT reader and commenter. He'll be helping out with News and Notes posts.

Please join me in welcoming them to the front page staff, and in Jason's case, to the site.

The format that you've gotten used to over the last couple months will continue through the off-season, and with these new additions, I'll be able to add some new features to the rotation.

In addition, I have some added news about the upcoming SBN United launch after the jump.

Here's a couple screen shots of what's possible in the new SBN United:



As you can see, the new platform will be allow for flexibility in how the stories are presented. For example, a recurring series can be presented in one spot, and bigger stories will be able to take precedence over the day-to-day stuff. The new look also will reduce clutter and reduce load times, which will make for a better viewing experience. Also, if you're accessing the site on mobile devices (phones, tablets), the experience will be the same, as the SBN United platform includes those as well.

But although. as you can see, the look is changing, the backbone of the site will not change. Game Threads, FanShots, and FanPosts will continue to be important parts of Let's Go Tribe, as well as all other sites on the network.

Even with these platform changes, my mission still remains the same: Let's Go Tribe will continue to be about providing quality content and a great community experience for Indians fans. These upgrades will only enhance what makes the SBN sites great, and I'm excited about what's coming. And once you get a chance to take a look around, I think you'll be excited as well.