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Race for the Second Pick: Running Out of Time

Jason Miller - Getty Images

Last time, the Indians were tied for the fourth pick in next year's draft, and three behind the Cubs for the second pick. Today they're still tied for the fourth pick, and now four games behind Chicago. With just 12 games left to play, it's going to be a tall order to move up to second, and with Colorado seemingly not winning a game in the month of September, third place is going to hard to obtained as well. It seems the only real race left is the neck-and-neck battle for the fourth pick.

Team W L
Houston 48 102
Chicago (NL) 58 92
Colorado 58 91
Cleveland 62 88
Minnesota 62 88
Miami 66 84

As you can see, there's gaps on either side of the Indians/Twins, meaning that unless something crazy happens (like a winning streak), the Indians will be either picking fourth or fifth in next year's draft. Here's what the contenders haveon their schedules this week:

  • Chicago Cubs (92 losses) - 3 STL (80-70), 3 @ Colorado (58-91) - the latter matchup will most likely determine who will end up select second and who will pick third, as Colorado has gotten to within a half-game of the Cubs.
  • Colorado (91 losses) - 4 ARI (74-75), 3 CHC (58-92) - the Rockies have really gained ground over the past couple weeks, going 4-16 over their last 20 games.
  • Cleveland (88 losses) - 3 @ KC (), 3 @ CHW (81-68) - The Indians shouldn't have any problem at Chicago, but there's some danger of winning in Kansas City.
  • Minnesota (88 losses) - 3 @ DET (79-70), 3 NYY (86-63) - Here's the reason why the Indians need to be on top of their game; the Twins will be playing two clubs both in the thick of heated divisional races. The Tigers are 2 games behind the White Sox, while the Yankees are a game ahead of the Orioles. And even though it looks like the Yankees are in no danger of missing the playoffs, the rule changes instituted this season will make a division title much more desirable than one of the two wild card spots.