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Game 149: Twins 6, Indians 4

One good piece of news from last night - Travis Hafner was back in the lineup.
One good piece of news from last night - Travis Hafner was back in the lineup.


Brooks Baseball PitchFX - Zach McAllister

The Indians finished their season series with Detroit with a record of 10-8, but they'll have at best a 6-12 record against the Twins. The Twins series after the Verlander comeback started the Tribe's slide into oblivion, and after last night's loss, they now hold sole possession of both last place in the AL Central and the worst record in the American League.

McAllister once again struggled against the Twins. He actually missed some bats this time (5 to be exact), but he still allowed 10 base runners in just 4.1 innings. Josh Willingham did most of the damage, driving in 3 of the 4 runs McAllister would allow, including a fifth inning two-run homer that knocked Zach out of the game. As discussed previously, Willingham was a crime of omission, not comission (as was the case with Brandon Phillips), but it seems that in both cases the Indians are for those decisions in the most excruciating way possible: by having those players collect hit after hit in game after game in which they play. The Indians face the Reds at maximum 6 games a year, but after tomorrow's game they'll have faced Willingham and the Twins 18 times.

Asdrubal Cabrera led off the Indians scoring by hitting a solo homer in the first inning, but he'd have to leave the game with continued soreness in his wrist. He'll probably sit out today's game at least.

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I’d bet on LaPorta succeeding somewhere else: Broadcasting, coaching… high school gym coach, etc.

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