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Game 134: Rangers 8, Indians 3

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Brooks Baseball PitchFX - Zach McAllister

After two decent starts, an Indians starter got hammered in the rubber game of the series. Zach McAllister gave up 7 runs in 5+ innings, including four home runs, three of them in the fifth inning. He also gave up a home run in the third to Jurickson Profar, who was making his major-league debut at 19 years old. So if 20 years from now, Profar is playing third base for the Yankees and about to retire, you'll be seeing a grainy 1080P video of McAllister trying to run a mid-90s fastball past Profar on the inside corner.

The Tribe lineup scored three runs on 9 hits, including four extra-base hits. Carlos Santana had two of the extra-base hits, including a third inning solo homer. Thomas Neal went 1-for-4 in his major-league debut, and Russ Canzler had a double as well. Neal and Canzler will be getting a lot of playing time this last month, though they aren't really the long-term answers for the current problems the Indians have.

With the seven earned runs, McAllister will dip under the 100 ERA+ mark; until today, he was the lone starter who had an ERA above the league average. Such is the story of this season: a long run of promising mediocrity, followed by a sudden death spiral into oblivion.

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Turkish Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, was a conqueror who wanted land and lots of it. Unfortunately for Hungary, part of the land the Sultan wanted was theirs. By 1552 when his army marched toward Eger, everyone thought his victory was a foregone conclusion; that is everyone except the Hungarians. The Fort at Eger was built on the ruins of an older fort, which meant the foundation was stronger than usual. The Ottoman army that arrived at Eger was a well-oiled machine of 80,000 soldiers plus another 70,000 support personnel including entertainers. Eger defenders numbered 2,000 including untrained peasants and women. The Hungarians withstood everything the Ottoman army threw at them.

On October 18, 1552, after sustaining heavy losses due to everything from mill wheels loaded with gunpowder being rolled into their troops to women pouring hot water on them as they tried to climb the fortress walls; the Ottomans left Eger. That gave the Hungarians a victory that is still talked about with national pride to this day. "Egri Csillagok" is a movie about this battle, it translates to "Stars of Eger".

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ok….totally irrelevant…. but at this point it is victory against all odds

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