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Ike Davis (Perhaps) on the Trade Block

Ike Davis.
Ike Davis.

Yesterday I went over the first base issues the Indians have had in 2012, and coincidentally, this story was posted at ESPN-New York (redundancy not intended):

The Mets will consider trading Ike Davis this offseason as a way to upgrade other areas of the team and open a spot for Lucas Duda at his natural position, a baseball source told

(via Amazin' Avenue)

Davis was someone I'd be profiling as a trade target this winter anyway, but since this news came out, I might as well do it now.

Ike Davis is 25 years old, will have roughly 2.168 years of service after this year, and plays first base. So yeah, the Indians should be interested. He's hitting .223/.302/.444 this season, not exactly good production at first base, but he did suffer through what was initially diagnosed as Valley Fever this spring (though blood tests came back negative). He's hitting .251/.342/.517 in the second half after hitting .201/.271/.388 in the first half, which correlates with the illness. Davis bats left-handed, and has had trouble against left-handed pitching, so acquiring him would not help the Tribe lineup's weakness against left-handed pitching. Davis is considered a good defender at first base.

The Mets also have 1B/OF Lucas Duda on their roster, who is much better suited for first base, hence the idea for dealing Davis with four years of control left. Duda can hit, but apparently the experiment of placing both he and Davis in the lineup didn't work. The Mets need outfield help badly, so if Davis would be traded, that would be one area that they'd be looking for as far as a return goes.

Which brings up the Indians. Although the last thing they need to be doing is to trade outfielders, they're likely to trade Shin-Soo Choo this winter because they aren't keeping him past the 2013 season; Choo isn't going to sign an extension with the club, and once he enters the free agent market, he isn't going to sign with his current team. So if the Indians have to deal Choo, getting a player like Davis back would be a nice return.

The problem is that the Mets aren't the type of club looking for a rental, as they're probably at least a couple years from contending. Theoretically a team from New York should be able to hold on to Choo past 2013, but the Mets payroll has looked mid-marketish the last couple of years, with this year's Opening Day payroll at $94.5M. So although Choo would represent a big upgrade in right field both offensively and defensively, he's only going to be there for one season.

Ike Davis Major League Stats

2010 23 NYM NL 147 601 523 73 138 33 1 19 71 3 2 72 138 .264 .351 .440 .791 115 *3 RoY-7
2011 24 NYM NL 36 149 129 20 39 8 1 7 25 0 0 17 31 .302 .383 .543 .925 157 3
2012 25 NYM NL 141 529 471 57 105 23 0 27 81 0 2 54 129 .223 .302 .444 .746 104 *3
3 Yrs 324 1279 1123 150 282 64 2 53 177 3 4 143 298 .251 .335 .453 .788 115
162 Game Avg. 162 640 562 75 141 32 1 27 89 2 2 72 149 .251 .335 .453 .788 115
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