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Game 145: Tigers 4, Indians 0

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Brooks Baseball PitchFX - Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber had another one of his patent-pending bad first innings, and that would be all the Tigers would need.

In that first inning, Kluber retired the first two batters, then gave up four straight hard-hit singles. Kluber would give up another two runs in the second inning, but he'd stay in the game until the fifth. But it was too late for him to settle down, for the Indians were facing Justin Verlander, and this time there'd be no dramatic comeback.

The Indians did have some opportunities to get back into the game. In the sixth, a Casey Kotchman single and a Lonnie Chisenhall double gave the Indians runners on second and third with nobody out. But Kotchman would be left at third, for the next three Indians wouldn't get the ball out of the infield. Another double (Santana) in the seventh was for naught.

Source: FanGraphs