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Game 141: Twins 7, Indians 2

Brent Lillibridge was suddenly falling, falling, falling into the fifth dimension.
Brent Lillibridge was suddenly falling, falling, falling into the fifth dimension.


Brooks Baseball PitchFX - Justin Masterson

Last place. Doesn't feel any different, though the phrase does have an embarrassing air to it. Though if you're going to be in last place, the timing is working out, for the Indians are moving up on the draft pick chart with just three weeks to go in the season.

The main takeway from this game was a positive, for Lonnie Chisenhall was not only back in the lineup, but he walked and homered in his first major-league action in quite a while. Lonnie is going to play every other day for now so as not to irritate his injured wrist/forearm with more swings than recommended.

Justin Masterson's start was also positive, but the rosy feelings turned rotten in the late middle innings, for the he'd give up five runs between the sixth and seventh innings; before that, he'd given up one run on two hits, and looked good doing it. That's how he's pitched all year: great, then horrible, sometimes in the same inning.

The Tribe offense was held in check by Samuel Deduno, who was by far the best starter the Indians saw this series. Deduno isn't a young guy (28), but he has the stuff to start in the majors. He allowed three hits and three walks in his six innings, striking out six batters along the way.

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Post of the Game Thread

I was saying to myself, wow a 1-0 shutout loss would be really good because we would have a tremendous start from Masterson but still improve our draft position.

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