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Lonnie Chisenhall Activated (Tribe News and Notes)

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Indians activate Chisenhall from the disabled list | News

Akron will play in the next round, but won't have Lonnie Chisenhall in the middle of their order, because the Indians activated him before yesterday's game. To make room on the 40-man roster for him (Lonnie was on the 60-day DL), the Indians moved Josh Tomlin to the 60-day DL. Chisenhall won't be playing everyday, but should play as much as he's able to.

Get to know Wayne Peltz: Visiting Clubhouse Assistant Manager, Aspiring Lego Block Artist " TribeVibe

Just what the title says: a visiting clubhouse assistant manager by night, a daring Lego block artist by day.

TV: Why did you choose to use legos?
WP: I tried to draw at first and I couldn’t do it, and so the very next thing I actually picked up was lego blocks. I started buying them on EBay and trying to find colors I didn’t have, and just started going at it – while my Wife, or my girlfriend at the time, looked at me like I was crazy.