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Tribe News and Notes: August 6, 2012

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The DiaTribe: A Lazy Sunday When A Plan Goes Awry

Paul looks at the big picture, and why the Indians are where they are now. The loss of Carlos Carrasco to Tommy John surgery and the non-development of Matt LaPorta are two key reasons why the Indians never got beyond mediocrity this season, but there are many others.

Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers - August 5, 2012 | CLE Recap

Chris Perez, after yesterday's debacle:

Given the battle fought by his teammates, Perez felt awful.

"That's what makes this so much worse," Perez said. "The fight that our hitters showed. Obviously, everybody knows we're playing bad ball and this has been a terrible road trip. But to keeping coming back, adding one on, and keep coming back, adding one on, put three up in extra innings, and then watch me [give] it away, it just [stinks]."

The Indians have blown leads like that before, but given the circumstances, that was as tough a regular-season loss as I can remember.

Ezequiel Carrera to get shot in left field: Cleveland Indians Insider |

One of the few positives of the weekend was Ezequiel Carrera's play. At this point the Indians need to ride out Carrera's hot streak, however long it lasts.