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Game 108: Tigers 10, Indians 8 (10 Innings)

Sorry, I can't do a rational recap of this game. Please go here to read the cool, professional recap.

Congratulations! You witnessed history! The Indians went 0-9 on this road trip, the first time in franchise history that's happened.

From the pit of despair to the pinnacle of mediocrity, then down deeper into the pit of despair. The Indians aren't going anywhere, but winning this game would have at least lessened the pain of the last 9 days. Nope, of that couldn't happen, even after Manny Acta burned through his entire bullpen (including Josh Tomlin), and it somehow all worked out. After Tomlin got out of the most difficult of jams (runner on third with nobody out in a walk-off inning), the Indians scored three runs, and it seemed that at least for one day we'd feel good about this team.

But no, that couldn't happen. Chris Perez walked two guys (with some help from Joe West) with two outs to bringing the tying run to the plate. And of course he and the Indians paid for those unforced errors. I guess it might have been better lose then and there whether than to figure out who was going to pitch the next inning, because there was no one else usable in the bullpen.

Home series starting tomorrow against the Twins, and if things go to form, the Indians will be in fourth place by Wednesday.

Source: FanGraphs