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Game 107: Tigers 6, Indians 1

When will it end? Will it end at all?

The Indians are stuck in a bizarre loop. It's not a time loop, like in Groundhog Day, where you live one day over and over again. It's an outcome loop, in which the same loss happens day after day, only the circumstances change slightly, the opposing teams change, and even the pitchers change. If the Indians were to somehow magically acquire Jared Weaver, Felix Hernandez, David Price, and Matt Cain, and for good measure build the first time machine and use it to bring back Sandy Koufax from 1963, I have no doubt that each one of those starters would give up at least 6 runs in four or less innings.That's how this road trip feels - it's a nightmare with fleeting sense of the supernatural combined but mostly consisting of an overwhelming sense of dread and despair.

Ezequiel Carrera, brought up in part to play a better defensive left field than the Indians were used to, prevented first a perfect game bid and then later helped end a shutout bid by Doug Fister. The rest of the team's performances fit in very well with this stretch of games - bizarre, unexplained, but somehow expected.