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Game 127: Yankees 4, Indians 2

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Brooks Baseball PitchFX - Ubaldo Jimenez

All three games this weekend were close games, with the Cleveland pitching staff keeping the Indians in each of them. On Friday as well as in today's game, the offense needed to capitalize on the few opportunities it had, but in both cases, misfires cost them a chance at winning.

In today's game, the Yankees threw out Freddy Garcia, who long ago ceased to be a power pitcher. After Sabathia and Kuroda, the New York rotation starts to get very iffy, starting with Garcia; the Yankee offense has to this point allowed a pitcher of Garcia's ability to have a modicum of success as a starter/swingman, but with Ivan Nova on the shelf and Andy Pettitte still a ways away from returning, they're going to have to get through a tough stretch of games (six against Tampa, seven against Baltimore over the next three weeks) with Garcia at the bottom of their rotation.

Today Garcia pitched into the fifth, and should have given up more than two runs, as the Indians on two other occasions had a runner at second with nobody out. In the first inning, Jason Kipnis led off the game with a single and stole second, but Asdrubal Cabrera popped up to the third baseman, and Kipnis would only advance as far as third. In the third inning, Jack Hannahan doubled to start the frame, but Ezequiel Carrera struck out, and the Indians would end up stranding runners at second and third.

Ubaldo Jimenez had his usual bad start to a game, allowing three first-inning runs, and although he wouldn't allow any more runs to score, would be done after five innings. That meant Tony Sipp would be called on to hold a 3-2 deficit, but he'd give up a home run to Curtis Granderson to push the lead to 4-2. The home run would be the eighth one given up this season, a very high number for a reliever.

The Indians would bring the tying run to the plate in the ninth, but Jason Kipnis' screamer up the middle was knocked down in self-defense by closer Rafael Soriano, and Asdrubal Cabrera ended the game with a soft line drive to the first baseman.

Source: FanGraphs