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Tribe News and Notes: August 15, 2012

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Hernandez begins post-Fausto era | News

Tonight's going to be fascinating because of not only the on-field impact of Hernandez's return, but because of the story itself. The former Fausto Carmona has had a rather up-and-down career with the Indians, from his initial problems as a closer to his great 2007 season to his checkered history since then. Not many players have as many chapters to their career as Hernandez has had, and he's only 28 30.

Justin Masterson no fan of proposed innings limit for Washington ace Strasburg: Cleveland Indians Insider |

The Washington Nationals were going to limit Stephen Strasburg's innings this year as a precaution, but because they've been surprisingly good, it's going to be very difficult to stick by their original plan, though to this point they've been rather adamant about doing so.

Red Sox stars blast manager Bobby Valentine in heated July meeting with ownership - Yahoo! Sports

There's some similarities between this and the Indians 1940 club; that team was known as the Crybabies because several players went to the team owner to try to force out manager Ossie Vitt. Does this description of Vitt not fit Valentine perfectly?

Criticisms included Vitt's insults to his players, showboating style, anger and willingness to air dirty laundry with the media.