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Tribe Trade Deadline News and Notes/Open Thread: July 31, 2012

Will Choo be a member of the Indians at 7:00?
Will Choo be a member of the Indians at 7:00?

Tribe won't shake up young core at Deadline | News

Jordan Bastian has a nice rundown of the trade possibilities today. Among them:

  • Shin -Soo Choo: Pirates, Phillies, Reds, and Dodgers. I think the Dodgers make the most sense if the Indians are to trade him, as they are the most likely to have the resources to extend him, and therefore would value him more than the other clubs.
  • Justin Masterson - Reds, Rangers. I think it's very unlikely the Indians deal him unless they get a boatload of value in return. Justin is under team control through 2014.
  • Chris Perez - with Vinnie Pestano, the Indians have a pitcher who could easily step in to close, and Perez is going to get a big jump in salary this offseason. But he's under team control through 2014, so any deal would have to be very good one for the Indians.
  • Jose Lopez - With Alex Rodriguez out for a while with a broken bone in his hand, he would make sense for the Yankees. I wouldn't expect much in return, but the Indians have gotten excellent value in "little" trades lately (McAllister for Kearns, for example)
  • Travis Hafner - there would be a very limited market for him, and he has a limited no-trade clause. I don't think he has enough service time to have 10/5 rights, which would give a complete no-trade clause.

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