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Tribe News and Notes: July 25, 2012

Reflections in a golden eye.
Reflections in a golden eye.

GM Chris Antonetti says series vs. Tigers will likely determine trade deadline actions: Indians Insider |

There's now a week to go until the deadline, so obviously a series loss to the Tigers or Twins may mean the Indians at the very least will stand pat. I still don't see them as a seller unless it's a relatively minor deal.

Pittsburgh Pirates deal three minor league players for Houston Astros' Wandy Rodriguez - ESPN

The Astros could pay as much as $17.7M over the next 2.33 years; they had to do that in order to get some decent prospects for Rodriguez, who is a good pitcher but has a rather ominous contract through at least 2014.

Slow Ride Q&A with Jerry "The King" Lawler |

Lots of good baseball and Indians stuff from "The King"

Q: Who are your favorite players in major league baseball?

A: Travis Hafner is a great friend. Him and his wife have been with me at Wrestlemanias. My wife and I have spent a lot of time at his place. He is one guy who may want to try his hand at a little in wrestling when his playing career is done.

Chris Perez his a big WWE fan as is (Chicago) catcher A.J. Pierzynksi. A.J. and I text back and forth. He was voted by his peers as the most hated athlete in baseball. I was joking with him about that and he said "that it happens every year, but that it bodes well for my wrestling career."