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Tribe News and Notes, July 24, 2012

Player interviews in the spotlight today, plus an event to put on your calendar if you like fundraising for charity.

Indians report: Frustrated Grady Sizemore still hopes to play this season but has doubts - News - Ohio

"There’s never a day when I’m not sore. Every day there is some kind of pain. But I have to figure out what is good soreness and what’s not [what is a warning sign], and I haven’t been a good judge. It’s hard to know what normal feels like, I’ve had so many issues."

Johnny Damon weighs future | News

"If we're not in contention, I'll be the first one they drop," Damon said. "The team needs to work toward the future. Obviously it's up to [general manager] Chris [Antonetti], but that's the way I see it."

Ubaldo Jimenez: Transition to America, Part One " TribeVibe

[They teach you] how to talk to people if you meet someone, how to behave — especially with girls. American girls are really friendly, and that’s something that you have to learn as a Latin player. It’s a different culture. That’s something that they teach you. If you get to meet a girl for the first time, and they’re really friendly, it doesn’t mean that they want to be with you. That’s the way they are; they’re friendly. That’s something that you have to learn as a Latin player.

Indians manager Manny Acta hosts "Celebrity Bowling Charity Fundraiser" Thursday, August 23rd from 5-9 p.m. at Corner Alley | News

Want to watch celebrities bowl and raise $$$ for deserving kids?