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Tribe News and Notes: July 20, 2012

CB Bucknor, getting his eyes checked.
CB Bucknor, getting his eyes checked.

Cleveland Indians' TV ratings drop 24% - Cleveland Business News - Northeast Ohio and Cleveland - Crain's Cleveland Business

Another data point to add to the low attendance that supports no interest from the fanbase. The Indians have been at times decent, at other times mediocre, but their local TV ratings have dropped considerably even though the team has been in contention all season.

Getting And Not Getting The Calls, Again - Baseball Nation

Jeff Sullivan looks at the pitchers who are getting favorable strike zones and those who aren't. The pitcher who tops the unfavorable list is Justin Masterson, who is losing 42.5 strikes per 1000 pitches thrown. That's a significant number, a little over 4 pitches in a typical start.

Cleveland Indians unlikely to make playoffs: Terry Pluto's scribbles |

Terry Pluto ends his four-day stint as beat reporter by looking at the Indians' playoff hopes. As you can tell by the title, he doesn't think their chances are very good.