Three Positives to take from Blue Jays 3, Indians 0

A particularly frustrating game, and the sort of game the Indians need to do better with if they're going to do anything this year. Still, I think we can find a few positives? Right? Right?

1. Derek Lowe, who hasn't exactly been holding anybody in check lately, pitched very well, only giving up the one three one inning. If the offense has it's crap together he gets a win today.

2. Michael Brantley is the best hitter in our lineup right now. Does anybody else think he shouldn't be hitting 6th? He's also hitting over .300 now, the first time in a few weeks the Indians had anybody who was doing that.

3. The Indians can come back to America now, where at least our money doesn't melt:

Now, the Rays! Who we will definitely score runs against. He jokes.

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