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Game 87: Blue Jays 11, Indians 9

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Ubaldo was bad, but if the bullpen had contained the damage, the Indians might have walked away with this game.

Justin Masterson started his first if with one of the best starts of the year. Ubaldo Jimenez started his first with his worst start of the year. He combined a lack control with a lack of stuff, and the potent Toronto lineup teed off him. He walked two in the first inning, and both of them scored on an Adam Lind double. He didn't get out of the third inning, allowing eight runs on six hits, including two home runs and three doubles. Sometimes Ubaldo has fought himself because of control, but in this case even the strikes he was throwing didn't seem to have much on them, or were right down the middle of the plate.

But even though Jimenez was awful, the Indians were still at least within hailing distance when he left, down 7-2 with six innings still to play against an injury-decimated pitching staff. If Scott Barnes had held the score where it was, I might be talking about an Indians comeback victory. But Barnes came in and allowed three more runs to score, giving Toronto a 10-2 lead, ultimately a lead that would stand up.

The Indians did make it interesting though. They would score 9 runs- four off LGFT Aaron Laffey, and five in the eighth inning off Toronto's middle relief. But by the time they made it a game, John Farrell could go to his closer for a four-out save; Casey Janssen allowed a Travis Hafner single, but retired Carlos Santana (the go-ahead run) to end the threat in the eighth, and retired the Indians in order in the ninth.

Source: FanGraphs