3 Positives to take from Tigers 7, Indians 5

It's easy to forget after a frustrating game like today that there are always positives to take from every game. Yes, even one where Derek Lowe makes the national sports blogs out of frustration. Let's see if we can find some...

1. It seemed like last year we couldn't beat the Tigers to save our lives, but these year, the Tribe won the first five. Now, finally, a loss, but to me it feel like perhaps the unluckiest Tribe loss of the year, i.e. they played well enough to win (well, everyone except Derek Lowe did). Jose Lopez smacked a pitch to center with the bases loaded in the 7th that would have been out of most parks, including Progressive Field... but not in Detroit. There were many other unlucky moments either way, but that felt like the difference to me.

2. Speaking of Jose Lopez, a few days ago he was hitting clean-up and driving me up the wall. Particularly when he hit into that double play on the first pitch with the bases loaded in the 9th... if I'd been in charge, that would have been the last straw for Lopez. But luckily I am not in charge, and today out of the 5 spot he hit an RBI double, an RBI sac fly, and that aforementioned gigantic blast to center field. He's even taking pitches! Lopez feels surprisingly like an actual 5-hole hitter and not a black hole.

3. Scott Barnes continues to have a 0.00 ERA, and for those of you like me who aren't very good with numbers... that's pretty good. I'm probably unreasonably high on this guy, but I think he has a chance to be something special. And his delivery is cool.

Tomorrow, we see an old friend on the mound and face a Cardinals team having some issues of their own. Let's see another series win!

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